Save Money When Making Salary Payments Abroad

With the ability to work online and operate in different jurisdictions many businesses are finding their staff are now situated in foreign countries, resulting in International Salary Payments. More and more companies outsource internal operations abroad by opening offices there or by assembling a team from freelancers or consultants placed in different locations. This may significantly reduce your costs and at the same time improve the quality of your operations.


But when you do that, you are inevitably confronted with several obstacles. Making salary payments abroad and currency exchange are the situations we can help you with when hiring people internationally. WB Transfer platform will let you save money when it comes to international payments and assist you to plan your salary payment process when it comes to currency exchange.


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Optimise Your International Financial Operations With WB Transfer


In most businesses, staff salaries constitute a large proportion of the cost base and hence it is considered one of the most important costs to manage effectively. When big portion of your costs for salary payments are international payments you can risk losing money from large currency fluctuations. Also you are inevitably paying high bank fees every month which can add up as the number of staff increases.


Knowing this, here at WB Transfer we created a platform which can facilitate your international financial operations and help you optimise your payment process. By using our platform you can significantly reduce your costs for international payments and at the same time manage your currency exchange risks. When you use our platform you will be able to take advantage of the following:


  • Best Exchange Rate

  • Risk Management

  • Same Day Swift Payments

  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries


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WB Transfer – Must Have Platform When Paying Salaries Internationally


Paying salaries abroad whether you have international offices or are using the services of freelancers and professional consultants, you will face the same payment challenges. We created our platform thinking of all the challenges you will have when running your international business in this globalised world.


That is why we made our platform fully transparent and accessible 24/7. We do not have any hidden charges or fees. All of our international payments are highly secure because we use Swift Payments. And of course one of the most important functionally of WB Transfer platform is the possibility to view and monitor the mid-market rates.


Let us become your problem solving solution for international payments and currency exchange – use WB Transfer!


We Are Your Loyal Partner When it Comes to International Payments and Currency Exchange Operations


Fluctuating exchange rates can make your international finances difficult so we assist our clients with budgeting correctly and putting in place adequate currency hedging strategies. When you decide to use our platform consider that we are:

Authorised and regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the RUP - Payment Services Register No: MIP122/2021


Real-time online activity and instant email notifications


One account, multiple user platform


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