Eliminate the Currency Risks When Manufacturing and Exporting Goods Globally

Manufacturing Goods & Services have always been an important element of the Global Economy. With the advent of technology, the world has become a smaller place and domestic demand for International Goods & Services has increased. Manufacturers are more international than ever and selling globally is becoming more and more the norm. However Every manufacturers can now face huge financial risks from sudden currency changes and expensive fees charged by banks when sending or receiving money internationally.


That is why we at WB Transfer decided to create a platform which will help the manufacturers when they export their products or import machines, spare parts or materials. Optimise the way you sell & price your products abroad and manage your profits when it comes to currency volatility management. And of course, we will help you save money from bank fees when you make international payments.


In The Highly Competitive Global Market, Every Advantage The Manufacturers Can Get It’s Crucial


When you manufacture goods, you may imports raw materials from one country, import machinery from another and export to totally different countries and therefore your bottom line can be significantly affected by exchange rate volatility.


This risk cannot be ignored and needs to be managed effectively to ensure your business is sustainable and business revenue is predictable.. WB Transfer platform can help you to manage this risk and assist in planning your currency financial budgets more effectively. We are here to help and can assure you with the following:


  • The Best Exchange Rates

  • Better Risk Management

  • Same Day Swift Payments

  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries


WB Transfer – the platform which will help you manage your currency exchange risk and save you money when making international payments!


Improve Your Internasional Business – Use WB Transfer

Importing Goods can be a complicated industry with businesses facing many challenges & obstacles during the import process and here at WB Transfer, we want to make foreign exchange one less burden. We created a platform which will give you 24/7 access to make sure you are with both hands on your international business. The process is fully transparent and there are no hidden fees. And the security is on the highest levels with international “Same Day Swift Payments”.


Reduce the risk when making forex exchange and increase your profits by saving annoying bank taxes when making or receiving international payments.

Time to Expand Your Company to The Next Level


Optimise your manufacturing business, move your global currency financial operations to the next level. Take advantage of 21st century technology and save money when converting forex and making international payments. Here at WB Transfer we can also assure you with the following:

Authorised and regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the RUP - Payment Services Register No: MIP122/2021


Real-time online activity and instant email notifications


One account, multiple user platform


We are your high tech partner when competing in the world trade arena. Sign up today to make your company less dependent on the banks!

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