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Your Company Needs Help With International Payments and Foreign Exchange When Managing Multiple & International Offices

Through increasing demand for brands and international products & services, businesses are now more global than ever before and therefore having foreign offices and branches is more and more common nowadays. For some businesses creating international offices is paramount in order for them to win business internationally, the important of innovative solutions to make international payments and exchange currencies is vital.


Paying salaries and partners internationally in different currencies can become a problem when the fees which are charged by banks are high and unknown that they hit the bottomline. As International offices help you grow your business and outsourcing services may save you money by optimising existing business processes, it is important close attention is paid to the exchange rate risk that develops.


WB Transfer platform is here to help you manage your Foreign Exchange rate risk as well as optimising your international payments and forex exchange transfers..


Plan Your International Office Expenses More Accurately


Many firms have acquired other businesses and partnered with foreign companies which have meant in additional international offices they have also acquired warehouses, manufacturing plants & shops.


If you visit a shopping mall in most cosmopolitan cities around the world you will find an array of international brands in every one. Just like a normal domestic office, international offices have monthly expenses and other associated costs however these are open to fluctuations due to the constantly changing exchange rates.. This is the reason why we created a platform to help your company with obtaining:


  • Best Exchange Rate

  • Risk Management

  • Same Day Swift Payments

  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries



Improve your company’s international financial processes and start using WB Transfer when you need to cover international expenses. We will help you save money and grow more predictably.


All You Need to Optimise The Way You Pay Your International Offices is WB Transfer


You can be sure we do not have hidden charges, our platform is fully transparent and you can access it 24/7.You also can take advantage of our option to make highly secure international payments “Same Day Swift Payments” when necessary or view and monitor mid-market rates.


Eliminate the risk in a simple process like paying salary and expenses in your international offices. Plan your multinational company growth future without fear of currency drops and spikes!


With Our Platform You Will Save Money and Grow Your International Presence


Through its international presence, businesses will find they are exposed to currency risk which if not managed can cost them dearly. We will provide you with solutions and strategies to give you peace of mind around your foreign exchange exposures. You also can be absolutely sure that we are:

Authorised and regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the RUP - Payment Services Register No: MIP122/2021


Real-time online activity and instant email notifications


One account, multiple user platform


Sign up today for WB Transfer and take better care of your international assets and offices. Save money and grow sustainably, be a multinational leader in your industry with WB Transfer platform!

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