Every Business Exporting Goods & Services Needs our International Payments and Foreign Exchange Platform

As countries around the world strive to grow their economies they naturally put a great focus on exporting more goods and services. This is the most natural way to expand your business, find new opportunities and customers. Naturally the international business market is more complex and needs a more sophisticated approach in order to be highly competitive.


Every company which exports goods or services knows how frustrating bank fees are for foreign exchange transfers and how they significantly impact company profits, especially when the fees our unknown or hidden.


Here at WB Transfer, we understand your business requirements and pains, and that is why we created a platform which can promise you increased sustainability and predictability for your business.


We Are Here to Help Your Company Thrive in The World Markets


In order to export more, the products need to have an international demand and be priced competitively. For this reason, Foreign Exchange rates play an important role in whether goods & services are exported.


Your company needs an optimized method for Foreign Exchange and International Payments to keep up in a world ever becoming more and more competitive. Here are some of the features we offer which help eliminate issues previously faced by businesses using a bank to transfer currency:


  • Best Exchange Rate

  • Risk Management

  • Same Day Swift Payments

  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries


We are proud to say that WB Transfer is a problem-solving platform on which you can rely!


Out manoeuvre The Competition- Use The Best Tool for International Payments and Foreign Exchange


We want our clients to succeed in the global marketplace so we have strategies & products in place to help our clients along their way. Our platform is accessible 24/7 in order to support your business at any time.


You can also view the mid-market rates and make fast and make secure forex payments with Same Day Swift Payments. No hidden fees and fully transparent platform.


WB Transfer is the edge you need to be one step in front of your competition. Start planning your international goods and services export business payments more accurately and expand your company globally more sustainably.


WB Transfer – The Platform Every Goods & Services Business Needs


We can help your company in obtaining bank beating prices by managing foreign exchange exposures. Compete in the international trade and services arena more successful by using WB Transfer. Also, take comfort in the following:

Authorised and regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the RUP - Payment Services Register No: MIP122/2021


Real-time online activity and instant email notifications


One account, multiple user platform


Stop losing money in unnecessary and unwanted banks fees NOW, use the WB transfer Platform!

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