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Have you considered buying a car from abroad or via an international auction? Buying cars internationally is becoming more common with the demand for luxury, classic, supercars annd exclusive cars increasing year on year. When doing so it is important to evaluate the currency fluctuations you may face and the timescales involved in paying for your new purchase to make sure you are not overpaying for your new car. Traditional methods such as using a bank can leave clients in the red due to the expensive exchange rate and the high cost of bank fees. Consider using WB Transfer to save on your next car purchase because we offer better exchange rates and do not charge any payment fees.


How Can We Help You When Buyinging Your Next Supercar


We assist our clients to manage both the Foreign Exchange and the International Payment elements of the transaction to ensure their purchase is successful and delivered on time. As car imports are not always immediate, we offer forward contracts which allow to lock in the exchange rate at the current rate for a future delivery date and can prove to be a very useful tool when only wanting to pay on delivery of the vehicle. Forward contracts help you to eliminate the risk of paying a lot more for your car due to adverse currency fluctuations by hedging your currency risk.


Here at WB Transfer, we make the registration and booking process easy and we will guide you before and throughout your car purchase. Our platform is extremely user-friendly and you do not need any training to use it due to the intuitive nature. Should you ever get stuck, you can always rely on our friendly support team to help you out with any questions.


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Why Use WB Transfer Platform?


When you use our platform for international payments you can be sure that you are in the best of hands. We make our payments via Swift and can offer same day payments for a variety of currencies. We believe that international payments should be fast, straightforward and reasonably priced so your money can used where it matters the most.


The process is simple, view the mid-market rate, book the best rates for you via our platform, send us the money and select the place you want the money to go. That’s it!


You can be 100% sure your money is safe because we are authorised and regulated by the FCA.


Where You Can Send Money and What Currencies You Can Convert?


When buying cars internationally often you may find the best opportunities in the furthest parts of the globe. Do not worry, we have you covered, our platform offers more than 40 currencies both online and on the telephone. Further we can make payments to over 200 countries and currently work with clients in over 50 countries. Just check out some of our testimonials by visiting our testimonial page.


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